Missional Network Guide

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Missional Network Guide

Missional Network Guide

This page includes all the information in the Missional Network Guide that was published at the Second Restructuring Session. It explains the Vision for the different Missional Networks within the church, which also includes all our Small Group life.

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Please note: some roles in these networks require you to go through our Appointment procedures under our Safeguarding Policy including a DBS (formerly CRB) check. If you’re not sure or have any concerns about this, please talk to Mark Adams or Judith Asquith (our Safeguarding Co-ordinator)


Vision for The Children and Youth Network
(Leader: Mark Herd)

The Big Picture

“He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me. in Christ.” Colossians 1:28-29

  • To creatively present the Good news of Jesus Christ to all Children and young people.
  • To Teach, Nurture, Encourage, ALL to understand the Gospel so the seed of the Word of God is firmly planted in young hearts, Encourage them to respond to Christ and walk in discipleship towards Christian  maturity.
  • To equip, train and make opportunities for service and mission in the locality, the UK and overseas.

What are the issues?

  • For many years St John’s Children’s work has been on a strategy of largely working with children from church families. ( Exception schools in Ladybrook)
  • Approximatly 80% of people become Christians before they are 18, at present less than 10% of the churches resources and voluntary capacity is involved in any form of ministry with under 18’s and even less in outreach.
  • This has got to change!

A different model of work

  • Develop an Outreach Sunday School, aimed at the community Children aged 5 and upward. This would be the foundation stone (After Christ) for all work in the network.
  • Consider transporting children to the Sunday school
  • Involves regular ideally weekly visits to the family homes to engage with parents and may lead to other opportunities
  • The current midweek groups, re organised to provide high quality, activities free of charge for children attending with new capacity for
    5-11’s whilst maintaining and developing the current members.

How can you be involved?

Prayer, this is a Pioneering project, with huge obstacles, and is creating something new and requires a mustard seed of faith!

Roles include

  • Prayer pastors
  • Teachers/helpers,
  • Transporters ,
  • Home visitors,
  • Group leaders who will be key people to lead department/groups/areas of ministry
    • Admin support


Vision for The Homeless Network (Leader: Mary Lane)

The Homeless Network includes the work of the Beacon and the Soup Run in Town

Our work with the homeless began at St. John’s church 14 years ago and we see the Homeless Network as a continuation and deepening of that work. It was set up as a response to the growing number of homeless people coming into church in the week.

We operate 3 days a week over the lunchtime period (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and 2 evenings a week (Tuesday and Thursday) outside the library. We provide practical support which includes showers, change of clothes, meals, drinks, food parcels, bedding, and we have a practice nurse come on a Friday for a drop-in session. There is always lots to do at The Beacon, and the more help we have the easier it is to run, at the moment we are short of volunteers which makes it really tiring for those already there.

Although we do a lot of practical things our main priority is to come alongside people sharing the love of God with them, we try to befriend and mentor those who need our service. We see God at work transforming lives and blessing people, which is very exciting and humbling. The more volunteers we have the more we can do, so please speak to me if you feel this could be your network.


Vision for the Community Network (Leader: Chris Frith)

This network may be more diverse than the others, as it’s about where we touch base with the community, which is itself diverse. It’s basically about Christians who meet with those outside the church on their turf as it were. So it could include people involved in groups which are already set up eg. Prospects, Free To Be, Painting With Diane and Family Church @ St Mary’s, but it could include those who are involved in wider community projects eg. Street Pastors or the forthcoming Debt Advice service. Some may already be involved in the schools work and want to do more with that or others may be interested in developing the seasonal ways we meet with the community through giving out cakes, Posada, carol singing, giving out hot cross buns and any other ideas they may have. Some of us are passionate about our hobbies – craft, art, bridge, dance, walking, running, going to the gym etc and that may be the main place they meet the community. This could be a way to get support in being a witness there and in praying for the people they meet. You could even be a small group who meet up for lunch or coffee and that could develop into inviting others to join you and seeing where God leads you. It may be that work is your main ministry and being a Christian and a witness at work needs support and prayer. The possibilities are endless. Basically this network is about naturally loving people in the place they’re at, being yourself and wanting to share Jesus with those we come in contact with. It’s about building relationships.

Within this network, depending on how many people sign up, there will be a number of small groups and each of these groups will share a similar outlook or aim. In these groups we will support each other and our ministries in prayer, read the Bible together and share our lives together. These groups will meet about 3 times a month and then once a month we will meet together as a whole network. That could take a number of forms such as worship and teaching together, social times together (which we can invite our friends to) or anything else people would like to suggest.

If you have any questions or already know you want to join the network then please come and have a word. If you join but find this network is not for you, then that’s no problem, just let me know – we want everyone to be in the right place. God wants to do amazing things in our community, and He wants to do it through us – that’s exciting. So if you want to be a part of that, sign up for the Community Network.


Families Network (Leader: Annette Godfrey)

The Families Network aims to reach whole Families with the love of Jesus. It does this through the existing ministries of Little Fishes, Wave and Dad’s events such as the ‘Beer and Curry Nights’. The Network also supports the preparation of those bringing their children to Baptism. The Mothers’ Union is also going to be part of this network because working with and for Families has always been at the heart of its Vision.

There is already fantastic work going in this area with potential to see many people coming to faith through its on-going work. We are still working on appointing a leader for this Network at the moment, but there is already a strong team in place in the ministries. So talk to Helen Adams and other members of the team if you would like to find out more!


Pastoral Mission Network (Leader: Averil Wilkinson)

Building on the work of the existing Pastoral Team, this network’s vision is to share the love of Jesus with people through direct pastoral care. This might be through befriending people, visiting people who are isolated, support for the bereaved and those working through mental health concerns.

The Pastoral Mission Network will also incorporate the work of the former ‘Mission Group’ with a wider remit to bring together all our worldwide connections within the ‘Global Mission’ small group.

This is an exciting opportunity to extend the Pastoral Care which the church offers out into the wider community and across the world, so if you would like to know more please talk to Averil or Fi McCandless-Sugg.


Operations Team (Churchwardens)

Run by the four churchwardens, this team supports all the practical needs which makes our church life and mission possible. This includes finance, buildings and Church Development. Some people may see this as their primary ministry, so it is also an area where people may want to serve in an affiliated way. Please speak to the Wardens at St John’s (Peter Frith & Rob Ferrie) or at St Mary’s (John Milnes & Carole Partridge) if you would like to know more.


Worship & Teaching Team (Leader: Mark Adams)

This team supports the corporate worship of our church. The team consists of those who preach regularly and the Music co-ordinator. If you are interested in getting involved in music then please talk to Lydia Cartwright. If you think God may be calling you to preaching or training for Reader Ministry then please talk to Mark Adams.