What’s Happening this Week 

Worst Famine Disaster in 60 years!  Christian Aid working with the DEC to give desperately needed help to East Africa.

The worst drought to hit East Africa in over half a century has left families across Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia at risk of hunger.
The drought follows two seasons of prolonged dry spells and crop failures. More than 14 million people desperately need food and clean water.
In Somalia, 6.2 million people are going hungry: 363,000 children under five are extremely malnourished.
In Ethiopia, 5.7 million people are facing severe food shortages, after two years of drought. And in Kenya, 2.4 million people do not have enough to eat.
The situation is deteriorating rapidly. A catastrophe is looming. We must act now.

Yemen in the north east
Two years of conflict have pushed Yemen, already one of the world’s poorest countries, to breaking point. Half of the population – 14 million people – are going hungry and need help before it’s too late. A child is dying every 10 minutes because of preventable diseases and child malnutrition is at an all-time high.
In December, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which Christian Aid is a member, launched an emergency appeal for people facing hunger in Yemen. This raised an amazing £17 million.
With your help, we plan to provide more school meals to children, give cash and food vouchers to families, and repair water sources.
People at St John’s with St Mary’s may have already responded personally – which is wonderful – but if not and you wish to join in this appeal please give generously today, and the appeal will remain open next week too – and beyond if necessary.
Collecting boxes can be found at the back of our churches.
Thank you for your generosity – every pound given will go directly to Christian Aid to be used to alleviate poverty in East African countries.

>>St John’s with St Mary’s Mission Support Group

We are approaching the APCM (Annual Parochial Church meeting), which will be held on 24th April – more details to follow.
With that in mind, there are a number of not-very-exciting but
important things we need to think about:

Electoral Roll – this is a list of everyone who considers themselves a member of our Church community, and is different from Mansfield District Council’s list! If you’re already on this list you don’t need to do anything but if you aren’t and come regularly please join.

Churchwarden – St John’s and St Mary’s have two Churchwardens each. These people fulfil an important role in leading our church, and take responsibility for the buildings. Please be aware that
Churchwardens are required to complete a DBS and to attend two half-day Safeguarding training sessions.

PCC – our Parochial Church Council is an elected group which makes important decisions regarding the leadership of our church. As our church is a charity, PCC members are also Charity Trustees.

Deanery Synod – this is a group of people which has
representatives from each parish in the Deanery, and meets three times a year. It considers matters which affect the whole Deanery, so gives its members an opportunity to see what’s going on beyond our own church. We have three places available.

All the above require a simple form – available at each service or from the office. For more information regarding any of the above please speak to a Churchwarden or the office.

Please pray about where God might be calling you to serve.

Pastoral Care – if you or someone you know needs help or support, please email the Church Office on office@stjohnswithstmarys.org.uk or telephone 642338.

New vicar. We are currently advertising in the Church of England Newspaper and on the Diocese website for a new Vicar to lead our Parish. Please pray that God would call the right people to apply.

Christian Aid Famine Appeal – thank you for your donations last Sunday to the East Africa Appeal. If you wish to contribute this week collecting boxes are still available, and gift aid forms to increase your giving by 25% can be signed and inserted into the boxes with your donation. Donations can also be made through the church office. The total of giving from St John’s and St Mary’s to Mansfield Christian Aid will be published soon. Thank you.

Wednesday 22nd March Lent Course 7.30pm start refreshments from 7pm in the Shill Room in the Centre. Session 4. Welcoming others part 1.
Easter Cakes. Please join us on Wednesday 12th April, from 10am to 12 noon at St John’s Centre, to distribute cakes and Easter Cards around the businesses local to St John’s Church. This is a great outreach opportunity to show our business neighbours that we’re very much open for business, and to give out leaflets with news of St John’s re-opening celebrations. Not forgetting of course, we need as many cakes and hot cross buns as can be provided! Thank you everyone. Talk to Dave Roper or Ann Hartley for more details. Thursday 13th April Easter cakes will be taken around Ladybrook after the 9.30am Communion Service, see Chris Frith for more details.
Thursday 13th April Maundy Thursday Meal with Holy Communion in St John’s Centre at 6.30pm – please sign the form at back of both churches if you are coming so we know how many to cater for. Thanks.

A Free, Family Fun Afternoon on Sunday 30th April 2.30 – 4.30 in St John’s Centre. Includes games, barn dancing and fun for all, drinks provided.
Everyone welcome.

Easter Services see flyer for more details.

Remember – don’t forget clocks spring forward one hour at the weekend, summer and lighter nights are on the way!!

Shaun Thompson Don’t forget you can listen to Shaun’s talk from Sunday 5th March at St John’s Centre on the Church website if you missed it! www.stjohnswithstmarys.org.uk

Advance Date for your Diary!! Saturday 6th May Beetle Drive 7pm in St John’s Centre. Keep this date for an evening of great fun and serious competition.