“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42

Luke is clear, prayer has always been central to the life of the Church.

If we want St John’s with St Mary’s to be a people transformed by God who are transforming our community, we must be devoted to prayer.

Prayer takes place in many different ways and places throughout our Church community, but the backbone of this is the regular times of prayer that take place through the week:


Monday 9am in St John’s

Tuesday 7am in St John’s

Thursday 7pm in St John’s

Friday 8am in St Mary’s


We use the Church of England’s service for Morning Prayer during these times.
This includes readings from the Psalms and Old and New Testaments. We have a time of open prayer and a time of waiting on God.


This is a great way to become more familiar with the Scriptures as we say them together.

On Monday’s we also look through and words that have been given to the Church in the proceeding week and prayer through them.

These times are open to all and you would be most welcome if you would like to come and join us.



Prayer before Services

We meet before the 10:30am and 6pm Sunday services in St John’s to pray.

In the morning we meet at 10:10am
and in the evening at 5:40pm

We pray for all those involved in the service and spend time listening to God
for anything he might want to say to us.


Prophetic Words

We believe that God can and does speak through all of us. You may receive a word or a picture from God during a time of personal prayer, during prayer for a specific area of the church’s work, in a Cell Group or somewhere else!

If you feel that God is giving a word that is for the wider church or the leadership please send it to

We may anonymously share what you send in with the wider Church, either by speaking about it or putting it on the Church Facebook Discussion Board.

If you would prefer that what you send is not shared in this way, please indicate that
in your e-mail.


Prayer Ministry

One of the great privileges of being a follower of Jesus is the opportunity
to pray for others and receive prayer.

We always aim to have Prayer Ministry available at our 10:30am
and our 6pm services in St John’s.

If you would like to pray with someone simply come to one of these services.