The Beacon

The Beacon Project

St John’s with St Mary’s ministry to the homeless and disadvantaged

The Beacon is a project which supports homeless people in Mansfield. It started life several years ago offering teas, coffee and beans on toast at the back of the Church to several young homeless people, but it is now based in the old Church Hall on Wood Street.

The Beacon provides a range of services to homeless people. Most basically, we are open four lunchtimes a week providing free food. On Tuesday we provide toast and tea/coffee and on Wednesday and Friday a hot meal with pudding.

We also have facilities for washing clothes, offer showers, provide access to a Nurse from a local surgery, offer food parcels and provide clothing and sleeping bags.

If you are homeless and need help, feel free to pop in when we’re open, Tuesday 12-2, Wednesday 12-1.30, and Friday 12-1.30.

Funding is provided through donations from churches, schools, organisations and from individuals.

If you would like to support the work of the Beacon, call 07943 630952 or you can give online at BT MyDonate


  1. Paul


    I was just wondering if you still offer this service to the homeless people of Mansfield?

    I have been out the past few nights talking to some of them and providing them with food and water and they have told me they don’t receive help from anyone.

    If you still offer this service I could point them in your direction for help. It is possible they are not aware of the help that is on offer.

    Many thanks,


  2. Kathy Constantinou

    I am a 60yr old retired female with plenty time on my hands and would be available for volunteering.I have been in catering all my life so feel I might be a good asset to your team hopefully.please get in touch with me as I would love to help.

  3. Ewelina Palin

    Hi. Do you need any baby clothes ?

  4. Stacey

    Hi I’m wanting to help, I want to donate clothing to people in desperate need, is this something you would accept? I have men’s women’s & children’s clothing, in very good condition, I would love to be able to keep people warm who have difficult struggles in their life, many thanks

  5. Maggie Wood

    We have some coats and clothing that we would like to donate. can you tell me how to do this please.

  6. Fiona Hubbard

    Do you accept food , toiletries etc
    What are the most needed items ??

  7. Sue Sherman

    would you be interested in taking pillows and duvets?

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