Celebrating the birth of a child

The birth of a child is truly wonderful and we would love to help you celebrate!

We offer two services, Thanksgiving and Baptism.  They are different but both are a great way to celebrate!  To find out more about which would be most appropriate for you, please get in touch with Judith or Val in the office and we’ll book you in for the next Information Evening.  In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below:

Can I have godparents if I have a Thanksgiving?

Yes!   In the service they are called ‘Supporting Friends’ rather than godparents and they don’t need to have been baptised.

Is there a ‘naming’ element to the service?

The new Baptism service doesn’t have a part where you are asked to name the child, but this is part of the Thanksgiving service.

Is Baptism the same as Christening?

Yes, these are two different words for the same thing.  Baptism is the ancient rite by which people decide to follow Jesus.  We think that calling it a Baptism is more clearly related to what is happening.

Do I have to live in the Parish of St John’s with St Mary’s to have our child Baptised with you?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. The Church of England divides the whole country into small areas called ‘Parishes’ and you should normally approach the church in the Parish where you live. If you’re not sure which area you live in, you can find out by going to and entering your postcode. If you live in our area, just give us a call on 01623 642338 and we’ll be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

What happens if I don’t live in your area but want to come to you for  Baptism?

This may still be possible, but you need to ask permission from your local Vicar and we may need you to confirm this in writing. If you use the Church Near You website to find out where you live this may have the contact details for your church. If you live in the Mansfield District you can find contact details for your local church on the Mansfield Deanery Website.

OK, I live in the Parish (or I’ve got permission) – what happens now?

We will invite you along to a Baptism preparation evening.  We show you a short DVD which explains what we think Baptism is about and we go through the Baptism promises so that together we can have a better understanding of what the service means. We also explain some of the choices you have – you may not know that you can have a Thanksgiving Service instead if you feel that the Baptism promises are not ones you can honestly take. If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is book-up and come along.

Once you’ve been to one of these evenings, we ask you to take some time to decide what you want to do. Then we can arrange a date for whichever service you choose.

When do the Services happen?

Most of our Baptism and Thanksgiving services happen on Sunday mornings within our 10am (St Mary’s) or 10.30am (St John’s) services. We do usually have a waiting list as demand for Baptisms can be high. We will discuss the available dates with you during the Baptism preparation evening.

You live in the Parish of St John’s with St Mary’s – which Church will our service happen in?

You can choose which Church you would like – either St John’s or St Mary’s.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for Baptising your child, or for a Thanksgiving Service, but you can give a donation if you wish. There is a small fee of £12 for the Baptism Certificate if you need an extra copy.

What happens now?

If you would like to take this further please give our Church Administrator a call on 01623 642338. The office is normally open between 9-3:30pm, Monday to Friday.