As part of the Missional Network system we have a Global Mission Support Small Group, which meets twice a month, 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings in St John’s Centre.  It’s a lively, loving, supportive group for each other, and our passion as well as caring for each other is to pray for and support those in our care who are ‘on the front line’ of mission.

Jesus said: . . .  “and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’,”( Acts 1 v 8), and it’s a joy to support those being witnesses through ‘In Christ In Schools’, under the leadership of Mark Herd; as well as Bob Goody, who is the Development Worker for Scripture Union in this area.

Philippines – with Streetlight and the Kanlungan Centre ministering to street children and the poorest of Manila. A member of our church is a trustee of Streetlight, and several members have taken part in short term work at the Kanlungan Centre. It is hoped this will continue in the future.

Brazil – supporting Meninadança, working with at-risk girls as young as 10 year old, along Brazil’s major BR116 highway. The Pink Houses in Medina and Candido Sales currently host to up to 80 girls a day at each Centre. Children visit the Centre and receive God’s love and care in abundance, and are offered  hope, healing and justice. Meninadança are currently working to open a third Centre in Mucuri, 170kms south of Medina.

Honduras – We support The Children of Honduras Trust, who care for poor and disadvantaged families in the remotest areas of Honduras.

Albania – Shaun Thompson, working with Albania Evangelical Mission, in Gjirokaster and Tirana, Albania. As a church we also support work in the Middle East. As well as reaching out with the Gospel in Albania as part of their weekly ministry, AEM run children and young people’s holiday clubs, and members of our churches have taken part in the past, and hopefully will do so again in the future.

Uganda – Pastor Emmy and his wife Sarah run Parental Care Ministries, which cares for orphaned children, providing homes, schools, hospitals and medical care. PCM UK is based in Llandudno, Wales. We have members of our churches who have served on teams in the past, and it is our hope to send more people on short term mission.

We prayerfully support many other people who have made an impact over the years on our church family, Willy and Angela Brandle, serving God with SIMS, and are based in the USA; Rev Graham and June Knott in Australia; plus many organisations including Christian Aid and Compassion UK, as well as organisations who care for Persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Newsletters are reproduced regularly from all those we support and distributed to both our churches, as well as on display in our Mission Displays and Noticeboards. A more comprehensive prayer newsletter of all those we support is produced at least four times a year, giving latest information for support and prayers by all those who care to use them in joining us in prayerful and practical support for those serving God ‘on the front line’ of Christian service.

Our aims always is to continue passionately supporting those God has shown to us, to inspire more people to become involved in short or long term mission, and through the Missional Networking to draw more people into mission support.

Thank you, Dave Roper


Dave Roper – Head of Mission Group

Dave has been with the church for many years and has looked over our mission outreach. Dave and his wife Eileen have been faithful members of St John’s with St Mary’s and they will be delighted to discuss mission – or anything else with you.