An opportunity to discuss the big questions in life
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We have just finished Alpha for this term, however if it is something you are interested in doing in the future, please contact the office, we can then get in contact with you when we are next running alpha

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Alpha Online is a 10 week course running over Zoom. In these 10 weeks we want to look at and talk about the big questions in life. So often in conversations we talk about the little things, the weather, the school run, or just work.
But we all still have big questions, things like what is my purpose, why am I here?

The aim of Alpha is talk about and engage with these big questions. You might have answers to most of these questions or have no idea about any of them, whoever you are and whatever your background Alpha is for you.


How does it work?

How does it work? Alpha Online has a really simple format, we watch a video talking about a question for that week and then after the video we break into small groups to chat about the video and any questions we have. This is the time
where people can share about their answers to some of the questions and engage with people who might have a different view to them.

Here at St Johns with St Marys we are really excited for the conversations this course starts, and we hope that you can join us, as we chat about the big questions that matter but are often not talked about.

Find out when we are next running alpha by contacting us

Are you Interested?

Still have some questions feel free to contact us to ask about Alpha, but you won’t get an unbiased opinion because we love it. Finally if you are still not sold watch the video to find out more. Want to know more, check out Alpha’s website below